Have you ever wondered what this world would be like if we just took what Science knew and what the world of the unseen knew and combined them?  Maybe, take a chance on the unbelievable and make it believable?

This thought runs through my mind and heart every time I am at school.  Knowing what I have experienced in my life and what I have seen would make some people shake their heads in disbelief because there was no physical evidence to test or research in order to make it a so called fact.

Well, the same thing is happening now more than ever before.  I watch all these people out there in the world struggling with some type of cancer and then go to school and look at the complex, but simplict layout of our bodies according to Science. I believe that sometimes the answer is so clear and in our face that we have a hard time believing it, because we feel it has to be a difficult process to get the answer.

This is true with cancer, so many of them are starting from a virus that has no intelligence like our cells do, but some how they are able to be smart enough to high jack our bodies and use all the good we have for their own destruction.

When I was going through some of the tougher moments of my breast cancer, it was when I caught an infection.  Before I knew what was going on, i kept dreaming of terrorists.  Didn’t understand what it all meant until I was in my hospital room hooked up to antibiotics before I was to be rolled into surgery that I saw this again.  It began to dawn on to me that these bacteria/viruses are truly terrorists, but in extreme miniature form.

So, today as I was studying for a test in a class I have in Virology (and did so within my genetics lecture) I began staring at a cartoon picture of the HIV virus and how it replicates in our bodies.  I am fascinated with Retroviruses and HIV is one of these viruses.  I am so fascinated with them that I truly believe a lot of our breast cancers are being caused by them and have set out to study it…..


So, it’s been a long time…

So, long time no write to. I guess I have a good excuse though with going to school full time and catching some funky thing after learning about it every semester. No, I’m not on drugs from going to some frat party, nor have I fallen off my psychology rocker. I am a 45-year old woman who is about to graduate from college with a major in Biology-PreMed.

I use to tell everyone this was my midlife crisis and instead of buying some new fancy car or finding some way to rebel in my new life, I decided to become a doctor. Well, try at least. Now, getting back to the part about how I was catching something every time I learned about it…

It started a few years ago in anatomy class. We were learning about the bladder and kidneys which then led on to a discussion about infections and how they happen. It was at that time when I started to feel not quite like myself and ended up in the hospital ER with a urinary tract infection. Yeah, I know, they are common for some people but this was my first. I found it funny and laughed it off and went on my way to one of my Biology classes where we were assigned to choose a topic to present about for lab. Usually I am one of the first to choose my topic so I don’t get stuck with the left over categories no one wants, but for some reason this time I ended up coming in last and choosing the left over categories.

I guess you could say this is where my life took another spin…

See a few years prior, before I even chose to go into school, I left a very good job that I built and it was the love of my life. Ever since I left that job/passion, I have not been myself. Life has a funny way of grabbing you by the horns and saying, “You are not this horrible person you think you are!” Some how I allowed others opinions of how I helped people get into my mind and turned it into a warped belief pattern. (Don’t forget this because it will play a pivotal part in this story.)

(Ok, back to the subject I chose for lab.) And the lucky subject was….Breast Cancer and some research study that was being done on Tamoxifen. It wasn’t something I would typically write about since I was like most of the country, blind to it unless it hit home.

It was at the time that I found out I had the UTI that I had found something in my left breast. It was really odd and didn’t match all the symptoms they always tell us to look for. I knew I needed to get to the doctor especially after doing my presentation and seeing the effects breast cancer was having on women my age.

But first, I needed to run a marathon, the Chicago Marathon, and then I would try to have it looked at. It was October 2014 and I was signed up to run the marathon, but a week before I was to go my beautiful border collie “Halen” was diagnosed with cancer in her paw and needed to have surgery soon to have have some digits removed. See Halen was getting older, but she was my girl and I knew the money I had saved up for the marathon needed to go to her surgery. So I chose Halen.

After her surgery they told me that Halen’s blood work came back that her liver was beginning to fail her and there was nothing they could do for her but allow her to live out what life she had. I was told at the time she would probably have 6 months at the most. But in my heart this amazing creature was going to live forever because she was one of the toughest dogs I had ever met.

It was June that next year, after I came home from getting my mammogram that I realized it was time for Halen to go home to Heaven. Actually, Halen was bleeding so horribly that it was more of an emergency situation to have her put down…

Little By Little…

I have done it!  Little by little the site is coming together.  As I continue to keep you up to date with what’s been happening through my blog, I hope you will take the time to tour my site and the changes I am making little by little.

So excited to get back up and fully running so I can help others and catch up with everyone again!

Dont forget to leave feedback as the site changes so I can get a feel of what you like and don’t like about the site.

Have a great weekend!

Kelli Faulkner