Get Well Soon Shirts Have Arrived!

The shirts arrived yesterday and I could not be happier with the way they have turned out.  Some of the proceeds are going towards the Bright Pink Fund I am running for in the Chicago Marathon.  I hope you will pass the word around and let others know how they can help a great cause that helps bring more awareness to breast cancer.

If you choose to donate to Bright Pink instead, please feel free to visit this link  Only 82 more days until the race and I have been training hard.  This weeks long run is 17 miles….

In case you don’t known about the shirts below: On the front you will notice a wonderful piece created by an artist named Jeremy Ross Armstrong.  The back has a song that goes with the title of the art piece.  It is about a very tiny portion of my journey through breast cancer and MS.  Now all I need is a beat/melody to go with the lyrics, but this I know will come soon!

The shirts come in red, not because of a certain cause, but because these shirts can support any cause.  We all have something we are going through in life, and sometimes we just need to wear the color of Love to allow it to be seen.


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