My Story of Love

One day I woke from a dream and saw this vision in my head.  I believe it was Me showing Me what was really in my heart.  Music/lyrics move me like nothing I can describe.  When I was going through my breast cancer I felt like I had some how put my heart in a dark box and told it to shut up.  It wasnt that I was pissed off from losing my breasts, I think I was more angry that I some how told myself to shut up.  I stopped talking, creating, and loving.  All I knew how to do was to make people laugh, because if they were laughing then somewhere I was laughing too.

It wasn’t until one day in November 2016 that I said yes to my daughter and went and saw a concert that everything would change.  I had stopped listening to music the way I had all my life, so I was not up to date with new albums or even what my favorite bands were doing.  My daughter knew I loved this one band so much and I am so grateful I went.  We went inside this venue called “Vogue” which held just a few hundred people.  It was the perfect “stage” for me to see my favorite band of all time. After all these years of listening to them and I was finally going to be able to see them live!

It was after that concert that things began to change.  I guess you could call it a reawakening of the gift I once held so dear inside of me began to bloom once again.  I took my heart back out of that dark box, little by little, and this is what I found: My voice, My writing, My photography, My music and My Love.

If you don’t know me, you might be asking who is that favorite band I went to see?  That is for another post, but believe me, they are definitely worth the wait.


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