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Mother of 3, breast cancer survivor, MS fighter.  It was through my breast cancer fight that I found out I also had been battling MS. The hardest times in our life bring out the most creative pain, so I hope you will allow me to share with you some of those times through the lyrics and poems I write.  Many women and men are going through the exact same things I had to fight, and sometimes it takes that unknown friend to just tell you how they experienced that period too in order to get through that moment.

Then there are the times where you just want people to stop telling you about everyone else they know that has the same thing you are going through.  It is in those times that you just want to find some comfort within a place that feels secure.  This is what I wanted through my battle and still at times search for.

It is my hope that this site and blog will help you to express your hurt/happiness and help us all bring down our guard just a bit.   Because it doesn’t all have to be bad or tough.  We can be “weak” and happy too.

This picture was taken later in the evening after my double mastectomy.

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You can simply contact Kelli by emailing her at kellifaulkner@yahoo.com

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